Post-construction termite control treatment
21, 2020

Post-construction termite control treatment

Post-construction termite control treatment, as the name suggests, is carried out after the construction or habitation of the building. When termites attack through surface soil and are pacing towards the foundation of your building, it’s time for getting a post-construction termite control treatment.

Once the termites enter your building, they start damaging the wooden structures in your house, such as furniture, doors, and frames, etc. Post-construction termite control treatment is unavoidable once the termites have entered your building. It becomes necessary to prevent the damage done by termites to your building any further. If termites are left untreated, then the damage to your house done by these intruders would be irreversible, and probably you would have to build the whole structure of your building, a fresh.

What is post-construction termite control treatment?

It is the type of termite control treatment that is conducted after the completion of the construction of your building or house. In the post-construction termite control treatment, the floor of the building is slightly perforated with a drilling machine, and anti-termite chemicals are injected in it.

There are different stages of the post-construction anti-termite treatment that are as follows:

  • The inspection stage

    This is the first stage of post-construction anti-termite treatment. The affected building is thoroughly inspected to determine and pinpoint the path of termite attack. The inspection will also help to determine which anti-termite chemicals would be more effective in the infested areas depending upon the degree of infestation. Slow action termite control chemicals are generally very effective as they attack the nervous system of termites to kill them.

    When termites enter the soil that is chemically treated with anti-termite chemicals, then the termites would get affected by it and will carry the active termiticide to their colonies. As a result, the whole colonies of termites would also be affected by the chemical, and in this way; the colonies of termites will be discharged dominoes.

  • The drilling stage

    The second stage is the drilling stage, in which holes are dug in the surface of the floor, using a drill, and anti-termite chemicals are injected into the pre-determined infested area. The anti-termite chemicals will fortify the building from termite attack.

  • Baiting

    Baiting is the last stage of post-construction termite control treatment. Termite bait is installed in the building. The installation of the internal and external bait can kill entire termite colonies.
    If you want to get rid of termite infestation from your house, then there are two ways:

    1. Protection
    2. Prevention

    Our neoteric technicians will drill holes in the ground around your house. The holes will penetrate the soil where termites are thriving. A liberal amount of termiticide will be poured into the holes to saturate the surrounding soil, forming a protective barrier around the base of your house.

    To prevent potential termite infestation, make sure that you do not store firewood or timber close to your house and remove all the wooden waste from your surroundings as these wooden components are prime culprits for inviting termites to your home. The branches of trees should not come in contact with the eaves of your house. Do not let any vegetation, including plants to grow against the wall or foundation of your building. These are the pathways of termites to enter your building. Termites are attracted to moist soil. Make sure that taps or air conditioners do not have any leakage as they can form a wet patch of soil that can become a haven for termites

What should you do?

Contact professionals as soon as you encounter the first signs of termite infestation.

What our Neoteric team will do?

We will come and inspect your place thoroughly and then drill approx. 2 cm holes in the cemented floor to the lowest level of the ground. These holes will be situated away from the vertical wall surface. The positioning of holes will be determined by our inspection team. After injecting the anti-termite chemicals, we will seal the holes with a sealant.


We offer up to 5 years of warranty. We ensure that termites will not return. If the termites return before the end of the warranty period, we will come and repeat the treatment free of charges.

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