Termites Control Techniques and Prevention Strategies/Tips
05, 2020

Termites Control Techniques and Prevention Strategies/Tips

Termites-the silent destroyers often hide in your basements or walls, and you don't see the damage done. There are over 2,300 types of termites, and knowing what type of termites they are, is very important to know how to get rid of them. Finding and locating termites is very difficult because they live in the forest or underground. They drop very few signs that they are there. The most obvious signs of termite infiltration are discarded wings, damaged wood, termites’ accumulations, mud tunnels, and termites' droppings.

How do I perceive if I have termites?

Termites dig labyrinths of tunnels inside walls and furniture. After that, small piles of feces remain, similar to granules. After a flock of termites, they shed their wings, and you can find piles of discarded wings.

How do termites enter the home?

These little uninvited guests infiltrate a home through a cracked or unsealed foundation. They also use tunnels from other termites. These tunnels can be located near the foundation of your place.

How much harm can termites do to my home?

Termites feast on wood and can induce structural damage to your home. If the damage is enough, your home may be inhabitable until the damage is fixed. Internal damage lasts longer and is less obvious. When the walls open, there may be termites’ tunnels. Termites also give off a smell similar to that of mildew.

What can I do to stop termites from entering my home?

You should periodically check your home with a professional pest control company. They can crawl under the house looking for signs of infection. Once you have received permission to vacate your home, it is important to keep it that way. Look for signs of damage on decks and railings for damage. Seal all openings and crevices around the foundation, eaves, and joints. Remove all wood or insulation from the foundation of your home. This prevents termites from feeding on the potential food source. Store lumber away from the foundation. Clean drains and downpipes annually. Leaves are an excellent food source for termites. Keep bushes and plantings at least 6 inches from the foundation. It is a source of moisture that termites love.

How can I get Rid of Termites?

You can invite a pest control professional to confirm that your home is infected and what damage has been done. Ask him to look around the house and give you an estimate. Before making a choice, be sure to ask what their methods are and what chemicals they are going to use. Ask them to explain any side effects that animals or children may experience. These professionals should also develop a plan to ensure that the termites do not return after the initial disinfection process. If you are uncomfortable using chemicals, ask if there are less harmful alternatives. Termiticides can be liquid, bait, or a combination of both. The professional must find the right combination of termiticides that will destroy or at least reduce the population.

The best way to keep termites or other pests from entering is to maintain your home and surrounding areas. Remove anything that will attract these pests. As soon as you spot any pest, get an assessment from a professional, study the materials used, and then continue the inspection of your home. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of headaches.

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