Fipteric 2.5 EC

Neoteric Chemicals and Services Lahore Pvt. Ltd. is honored to be among very few Termite Control Experts in the history of Pest Control Industry of Pakistan, who uses their own invented/formulated products. We have invented the unique and most effective Anti-Termite product-Fipteric 1000 ml, commonly known as Fipteric. It has active ingredient Fipronil 2.5% EC with combination of Phenylpyrazole and with insert of specialized oils and solvents. Fipteric guarantees quick and most effective protection against termites than any other termiticide available in Pakistani market. Termites are exterminated as soon as they ingest or come in contact with Fipteric.

What Makes Fipteric Different?

Following are the exquisite features which set Fipteric apart from other conventional products:

  • High-Effectiveness: Fipteric is USA based unique termiticide formula. After the great amount of research work, it is specially formulated according to soil and atmospheric conditions of Pakistan. Over passage of time termites and other pests develop resistance according to different minerals present in the soil. Hence it became necessary to devise such a formula which produces 100% effective and long-lasting results exclusively in Pakistan.
  • Working Mechanism/Colony Elimination System: Fipteric is a revolutionary termiticide, which works quite different from other traditional termite treatment products. Most of these products are designed as repellant. They just keep termites away but not kill them. Major drawback of such traditional termiticides is that the termites can sense it and can enter into the structure through some untreated portion of soil. However, Termites cannot sense the Fipteric as it has no taste, odor or smell. Hence it creates a non-detectable chemical barrier in the soil. This barrier proves quite effective in long run. Furthermore, Fipteric doesn’t kill instantly those termites which just come in contact and when these infected termites return to their colonies in soil, they transfer this poison to other termites, thus causing indirect mortality and affecting the whole colony including queen. This Domino Effect is one of the unique properties of Fipteric. It not only just kills termites but also eliminates the colonies. These two attributes classified Fipteric as Colony Elimination System.
  • Eco-Friendly: Fipteric is 100% eco-friendly termite control treatment chemical. It produces little or no fumes and residues. Hence, produce no environment pollution. It is perfectly safe for pets and human beings.
  • Efficacy Of Treatment: On the proper application of Fipteric, the re-treatment can be less 1.0%. Efficacy of the treatment will remain stable throughout 5 to 7 years period.

There is no technical or commercial reason to use any Anti-termite Product other than Fipteric because results speak for themselves.

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